O melhor do Ribatejo is a product line that is also a love letter to our homeland: Ribatejo, Portugal requires more than just a pastoral quality, and what better way to achieve this than to feature the faces of people from the region, Portugal?

Ribatejo, a region in the center of Portugal with unique culture and distinctive traditions. The sun of Ribatejo’s enlightens us and the colors of tagus river margins are our precious inspiration. The team is composed by two communication designers. Um Grama.

The sun of Ribatejo’s enlightens us and the colors of tagus river margins are our precious inspiration.

As a tribute to the Portuguese people and to our traditions, we selected figures that illustrate and give life to our packaging, stuffed of entertaining dialogues with hilarious translations.

In search of the delicious, creative, handcrafted and exclusive flavours of this central region of portugal, in 2013 we've started this amazing quest for the ribatejo's products and recently expanded our scope to portuguese producers from other regions.

From then, our concern has always been to unveil the work of local artisans, promoting the portuguese handcraftmanship and keeping the traditions alive and growing.

Um Grama produces artisan ingredients and foods like flavoured Salt with herbs and spices, salt flower, hot sauce, tea, cheese preserved in olive oil with rose pepper, delightfully preserved mackerel with red onion and coriander from Algarve (south) that are proudly made in Portugal.

We have injected the packaging with a rustic feeling, complete with reds, greens, and yellows whose hues almost appear to be slightly faded from the sun.

All proudly made with love, in Portugal.

Rich, green landscapes bathed by the Tagus River that blend with the warm colors of the sun and inspire us in our selection. Lands full of history and tradition that we want to preserve. We are proud of our Ribatejo!
Ribatejanos - The people from Ribatejo

They have strong personality. They are the face of our products. We have selected some of the most emblematic figures who come using popular expressions. Funny dialogues with some hilarious translations. Long live for the people from Ribatejo!

Ours producers

We want to promote our producers, artisans, artisanal and semi industrial production techniques.

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