Tomato seeds

Includes instructions on how to get your
tomatoes from Ribatejo to grow fresh and luscious.


Stuffed peppers seeds

Includes instructions on how to get your
peppers to grow strong and delicious.


Conhecer a Um Grama
delicious dried fruit and vegetables


Flavored salt set
4 de 12 misturas disponíveis + base de cortiça


Flavored salt
12 combinações


Salt flower
from Rio Maior salt pans


Hot salt flower
pack 50g | pack 2 tubes


Olive oil
extra virgin


Hot sauce with bay leaf and whisky
only recommended for men with strong sideburn


Tomato | Fig jam
selected fruit from our Ribatejo


Rosemary honey
ours do it with love


Cheese (2uni)
goat / sheep


Queijo Picante (2uni.)


Ribatejo's tea
1 - Perpétua Roxa / 2- Hortelã Pimenta / 3 - Calêndula Pampilhos


Tomato seeds
Hey beautiful tomato!
Stuffed pepper seeds
Some bites other no!