Rosemary honey

Honey nectar from a diverse native flora where rosemary stands out. 120g


Conhecer a Um Grama
delicious dried fruit and vegetables


Flavored salt set
4 de 12 misturas disponíveis + base de cortiça


Flavored salt
12 combinações


Salt flower
from Rio Maior salt pans


Hot salt flower
pack 50g | pack 2 tubes


Olive oil
extra virgin


Hot sauce with bay leaf and whisky
only recommended for men with strong sideburn


Tomato | Fig jam
selected fruit from our Ribatejo


Rosemary honey
ours do it with love


Cheese (2uni)
goat / sheep


Queijo Picante (2uni.)


Ribatejo's tea
1 - Perpétua Roxa / 2- Hortelã Pimenta / 3 - Calêndula Pampilhos


Tomato seeds
Hey beautiful tomato!
Stuffed pepper seeds
Some bites other no!