The best of Ribatejo was created with the aim of promoting Ribatejo, a region in the center of Portugal with unique culture and distinctive traditions.

For us, Ribatejo is the best place to eat and we want you to experience our food and traditions as we do it in Ribatejo.

Delicious handmade, genuine products from Portugal: Flavoured Salt, Flower of salt, hot sauce, jams, honey and herbs from Serra dos Candeeiros.

We support our local producers, artisans and handcraft techniques to find the best products in the region. We want to keep our traditions alive.

The sun of Ribatejo’s capital, Santarém, enlightens us and the colors of tagus river margins are our precious inspiration.

We search for delicious products which are genuine and prepared with love.

All our products are proudly made in Ribatejo.


Beautiful and rich green landscapes mixed with Ribatejo’s sun colors in tagus river margins are our precious inspiration.
Ribatejo, a land of history and lot of traditions.


They have unique characteristics and very strong personality. They are the image of our products and brand. We have selected figures that illustrate and give life to our packaging with entertaining dialogues with hilarious translations.


These are not only artisanal products. They are genuine, made with complete dedication and art. They are made with devotion comprising the finest raw materials with exquisite techiniques.

Meet O melhor do Ribatejo

Meet um grama

Conhecer a Um Grama
misturas de fruta, legumes e ervas desidratadas